We are grateful…..#givingtuesday

We are grateful…..#givingtuesday



We, each and every one of us with Save The Canal, are so thankful to all that have shown their support in this effort. We have collectively spent so many long days getting organized, developing strategies, attending board meetings, putting in countless hours sifting through documents….all with one common purpose – to save something that is truly cherished by all of us. We want to let you know how much it means to have the support of so many. Our mountain towns are certainly facing multiple challenges today, but perhaps the best part is experiencing us all joining forces to stand up against those that have shown a disregard for the character and values of our communities.

Yesterday there were a few tears of joy. Joy- in the affirmation that so many share in our vision, share in our determination, share in our commitment. Yes, there are many hurdles in front of us, but having the community come together is sure to put us over the top of each and every one. Together we will win! We had set a goal for #GivingTuesday and thanks to your generosity we have more than met that goal. Yesterday we earned $2814 bringing our total to $8229. We are about 1/3 of the way to meeting our legal expenses and feel very positive about moving forward.

We thank you.

Yesterday, from one of our donors:

“Every time I talk about where I grew up, I talk about “the ‘creek’ below my house”, and my mind flashes right back to it. I have so many wonderful memories of it- -light coming through the trees, the amber color of the sun, through the water. Crawdads, blackberries, big leaves, dogwood trees, time with my parents, and now, time with my own kids, there.”

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