The Time is Now!

The Time is Now!

News: at the April 22 EID Board of Directors meeting, the Upper Main Ditch Project was approved by a vote of 3-2, with Directors Day and Anzini voting NO, and Directors Dwyer, Osborne, and Raffety voting YES. No member of the public came to support the project, and many members of the public, which included Save the Canal members spoke in opposition.   Minutes are not yet available, but, as reported, Option 1 on Item 10 was approved.

What’s next?: Save the Canal core group is exploring our legal options to start litigation to stop the project from moving forward. Why?

1)Although EID has voted to put the pipe down Blair Rd. (see item 10 on the above link), this will not save the canal, as EID plans to abandon it. This puts the responsibility on the homeowners for maintenance and liability. After the winter we had, it is clear that there was tremendous damage along the canal due to high snow and winds in February. Property owners would not be able to pull toppled trees out along the ditch. There were many treetops in the ditch, along with trees across the ditch and the path after the storms we had. See the below picture; this is just one view of downed trees that clogged the canal, would cause drainage problems, and liability to homeowners if left uncleared. 

2)Also, the riparian environment would cease to exist, as there would be no water in the ditch during the animal/bird migration periods from Spring through Fall. Without water at their roots, upon which they have relied for over 150 years, tree mortality will occur. This will cause a greater burden to the property owners, and is a clear danger to homes which line the ditch close to Forebay Reservoir, and at various points along the 3 mile stretch. Tree mortality is also a factor in fire safety for the town of Pollock Pines, as the ditch traverses an area which cuts Pollock Pines roughly in half on the north side of Pony Express Trail.

3)A neighborhood was permitted and built with homes being sold based on the water in the ditch, both for esthetic value and fire safety. 

4)Fundraising efforts will continue to support our legal fund. Check back for details on upcoming events. Link here or on the GoFundMe link on the side of this post. Thank you! ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED.


Trees across the canal from the lower bank from February storms

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