Thank you for your 9,909 Votes!

Thank you for your 9,909 Votes!

Thank you for your 9,909 Votes!
EID 2020 Board of Director candidates: Sue Taylor and Craig Schmidt

Thank you to ratepayers!

Sue Taylor and I would like to “thank” the 9,909 folks that voted for us to change the complexion of EID’s Board of Directors in this year’s election.  While we both finished in 2nd place, we are more than encouraged that many thousands of ratepayers sent a clear message to EID’s management that you are tired of EID’s runaway rate increases, reckless spending and rising debt.  We would also like to congratulate reelected incumbent George Osborne and newly-elected Brian Veerkamp as the board’s incoming directors.   And, thank the outgoing Division 3 incumbent Michael Raffety for his prior service to the community.

As anticipated, just “after” the election, the existing Board voted to implement the Proposition 218 rate increases proposed earlier this year.   The “yes” votes were cast by outgoing director Michael Raffety, reelected director George Osborne, and the 2-year seated directors Lori Anzini and Pat Dwyer.  Director Alan Day voted “no”.  As such, single-family residential commodity water rates will be going up 17% next year, up 15% for multi-family residential and commercial landscaping, up 15% for recreation and turf customers, up 17% for agricultural with residence, up 55% for agriculture without residence, up 23% for dual-plumbed recycled water customers, and DOWN 30% for recycled water commercial landscaping and recreation and turf customers (e.g. developers).  Even worse, at a time when restaurants can least afford it, EID will be raising wastewater commodity rates and water commodity rates on this class of customer.

Thank you again to the almost ten thousand ratepayers that voted for Sue Taylor and me this past election.  We almost did it!

P.S.  Two years from now Cameron Park and Shingle Springs ratepayers will have the chance to retain or remove two more EID board directors, Lori Anzini and Pat Dwyer.  Both voted “yes” for the rate increases listed above.  Both voted “yes” to add $81 million to EID’s debt, now at $361 million (i.e. $9,000 per ratepayer) with $75 million more in borrowing anticipated.  Both voted “yes” to extend the general manager’s employment contract until 2024 at $341,000 per year in salary and benefits plus guaranteed salary increases of 5% or more per year when seniors are only getting a 1.3% cost-of-living increase.

Stay safe, warm and enjoy the holiday season!

Sue Taylor and Craig Schmidt  

While we came in 2nd place, you sent a clear message to EID’s management that you are tired of EID’s:

  • Runaway rate increases;
  • Reckless spending, and
  • Rising debt.

EID’s water rates are increasing FIVE times faster than the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and will be going up another 17% next year. See chart below.

Thank you for your confidence in Sue and me. We tried!  Eventually we will change the Board in the favor of ratepayers.
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