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Act NOW or it is gone forever!
TOWH HALL 7/11 6-8pm

Act NOW or it is gone forever!
TOWH HALL 7/11 6-8pm











With the public comment period for the Draft EIR on the Upper Main Ditch Project coming to a close on July 23, at 5pm, the Save the Canal group is planning to focus on the public’s input to EID’s EIR at our upcoming town hall meeting. Comments that are to be included in the Final Public Hearing must be addressed by this deadline or they will be ignored. The primary focus at our July 11th meeting will be addressing specific issues we have pulled out of the Draft EIR in order to help the public with their comments and to help concerned citizens meet the deadline. That said, we WILL be allowing public comment, but it will be timed based on the number of folks wishing to make a comment.
Our schedule for the evening is tentatively as follows and subject to change: 

6:00-6:30– Open House/ displays will be set up to educate you on some of the issues and mitigations we believe EID is responsible for. We will be around the room to answer any questions you may have.
6:30-6:55- Public Comment
6:55-7:15– Save the Canal CEQA presentation

7:15-8:00– Comment writing/help/dialog and opportunity to raise issues that were not addressed.

If you’d like, you may leave your completed comments with us to deliver in person to EID.

Thanks to Dina Heidrich for the lovely photograph