Public Meeting

Public Meeting

Public Meeting has been posted by EID for April 22, 2019, after which the vote on the project will occur. The time is 9:30 at the EID building 2890 Mosquito Rd., Placerville. The regular board meeting will begin at 9:00.

Members of Save the Canal met with EID through the mediation process, and an agreement wasn’t reached. If you are interested in speaking to the canal issue, there will be time to do so some time after the 9:30 time.

We appreciate your support! A link to the GoFundMe is on this site. The monies collected are going towards legal fees. The Save the Canal group has met with our attorney.

Other opportunities for fundraising will be posted, such as our Bake Sales and Rummage Sale at the El Dorado Saving parking lot. Let’s continue working toward saving this beautiful and valuable environment.

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