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October 11, 2016 
Press Release:

We are part of a large organized group of concerned citizens and residents, Save the El Dorado Canal, who are absolutely going to prevent the Upper Main Ditch Piping Project from going forward. It is not going to happen.

We would like to assist the EID in reaching its legitimate goals through other less destructive and costly projects. We do not want to see large amounts of money wasted on litigation, but are fully prepared to take whatever steps are needed. We will prevail in any such required litigation and EID will not only have to pay their attorney fees and costs, but ours as well.  We are fully prepared to undertake the lengthy litigation process, if required.

EID tried to push this project through following the 1977 drought and the project was halted by a smaller and less well organized group. EID is basing their claims on the same flawed water loss study from the 1970’s that has already been shown to be invalid. This proposed project will meet the same fate again.

Save the El Dorado Canal is not only objecting to this proposed project based on the flawed water loss study and inadequately addressed environmental impacts, but also objecting to the lack of fiscal responsibility this proposed project demonstrates.

This proposed project:
-FAILS to meet the claimed reduction in water loss
-FAILS to address the real water quality issues in the district
-FAILS to meet the stated financial benefits that are claimed
-FAILS to address the extensive environmental impacts
-FAILS to protect our historic landmarks and cultural history

Contact our EID director (George Osborne) George Osborne and the rest of the Board at EID Board of Directors to express your support of the Canal.