We are Save the El Dorado Canal

We are Save the El Dorado Canal


Thanks to everyone who is supporting our cause. The town Hall Meeting in Pollock Pines was intended to convey to George Osborne and EID staff that people are opposed to the overreaching of government and public entities, when they conflict with our rights and way of life.  However, our concerns that EID not continue with this project fell on deaf ears. The Save the Canal members, and supportive audience members, presented convincing arguments against proceeding with the project, including the great expense, destruction of the local ecosystem, 160 years of historical local history, and a small water savings, if any.  We showed our commitment to preserving the community of Pollock Pines. George Osborne was asked to place this project on the agenda at the next board meeting, and reverse his vote, thus ending the project to pipe our beautiful waterway, the Upper Main El Dorado Canal. His refusal to respond to the question clearly indicates his position on moving forward regardless of our opposition.

To all of our great supporters, please convey, by all means possible, the need for your friends in El Dorado County to contact the EID board. They need to state their opposition to the piping project, and request their position be honored as one of their constituents. If each individual researches the facts concerning this issue, they will come to the same conclusion we have: it’s just not worth doing. So all of you, please put a small amount of extra effort out to accomplish this, and we’ll be able to stop this great travesty from happening, as well as runaway spending and ever increasing rate hikes.  Please help save our canal!

Contact information:

EID: 530-622-4513
EID =Board of Directors boardofdirectors@eid.org
George Osborne: gosborne@eid.org

Thank You,
Save the El Dorado Canal