Giving Tuesday is November 29th-Double your contribution all day long!

Giving Tuesday is November 29th-Double your contribution all day long!

Giving Tuesday is upon us! What would be better than helping to protect a local treasure that is currently under threat? We are Save the Canal and we need your help. Our Mission is to save the El Dorado Canal from a massive piping project in Pollock Pines that will permanently destroy critical resources and a vital part of our community. We are currently building a legal defense fund to defeat this costly and destructive proposed plan.

And NOW is your chance to double your contribution! 

One of the donors to our cause has generously offered to match the next $950 that is donated to our fund, so here is your opportunity to feel twice as good about donating your hard earned dollars to a worthy cause.  Whether it is $5, $50, $100 or more it will be doubled until the matching amount is reached.  Simply visit:


Act now or this resource will be gone forever!

While we do not want to provide every detail about our current efforts to those that are working against us, we do want to share with our supporters some of the goals and accomplishments of Save the Canal.  Our organization has members with diverse backgrounds that will be challenging this project from many fronts.  Save the Canal members have been meeting weekly, attending EID Board meetings, and working hard to develop strong arguments that the proposed project fails to adequately address the loss of many critical resources. Our town hall meeting in November showed strong community support and caught the attention of the Mountain Democrat which has run two front page articles, and also Fox 40 News at 6. Please join us in our efforts to stop this costly, destructive project and together we can win this battle.

Here is a sample of our current efforts:

Legal Defense:  We have retained an attorney that will be representing us in court. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provides a platform for us to challenge many aspects of this proposed project.  We have also set up a gofundme account ( to accept donations to our legal defense fund.  We have currently received over $8600 in donations, with a final goal of $25,000 to insure our victory in court.     

Lack of Proper Easements:  EID claims to have extensive easements, for wide ranging purposes, on many private properties along the canal.  That is a false claim and they know it. They sent representatives to each property owner in an attempt to attain the required easements, but most property owners have refused to grant it to them.  Therefore their only recourse will be Eminent Domain lawsuits, the cost of which will be an added burden on EID ratepayers.

Fire Fighting Resource:  At the recent town hall meeting EID director Osborne claimed that the Upper Main Ditch (El Dorado Canal) was not a viable resource to be used in fire suppression efforts and therefore would not need to have project considerations to mitigate that loss of resource.  We have strong evidence to refute this claim – In fact the El Dorado Canal may have already served a critical role in saving your home!

Tree Mortality:  EID claims that the project will result in the loss of 200 trees.  While this would be tragic, the real number will be much higher.  We will be laying out the case that thousands of trees will be lost, all of which are on private property.

Economics:  The upper Main Ditch Piping Project does not make fiscal economic sense when the project cost will add at least an additional $5 million dollars on to the already excessive $375 million EID debt. This debt will result in rate increases to EID customers over the next five years: 5% in 2016, 5% in 2017, 4% in 2018, 3% in 2019, and 3% in 2020.

History:  Preserving this historical landmark is one of our goals.  To this end we are applying to the California Historical Landmark and California Points Of Interest.  Either of these originations will permanently protect the canal from further EID conversions.  We are also   applying to the National Register Of Historical  Places which will put this canal under federal protection.  Our specific committee has done extensive historical research to help facilitate this nomination and acceptance.

Critical Riparian Habitat:  Although the El Dorado Canal is a manmade waterway, it has been flowing for more than 150 years allowing for the development of a rich riparian habitat. These stream-side habitats are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems on Earth and they support a myriad of plant and animal species.  EID’s proposed piping plan would permanently destroy this valuable ecological resource. Save The Canal includes members with expertise in forestry and environmental science that will demonstrate that this project would result in significant and unavoidable environmental impacts that cannot be adequately mitigated.

Water Loss Summary:
EID claims that the upper main ditch loses 1300 acre feet of water annually despite several studies performed by contracted companies that contradict that number. They knowingly use this inflated water loss number to justify the cost of the piping project and when applying for grants. Save The Canal will demonstrate that EID’s exaggerated water loss numbers are based on equipment with known calibration problems and a flawed study design which fails to adequately address seasonal variations and raw water customers that draw directly from the ditch.

Water Quality:
EID would like you to believe that piping the upper main ditch will result in improved water quality and a safer water supply.  They further claim that the piping project will result in lower treatment costs. However, this project will do nothing to address the miles of open ditch upstream or the direct inputs into Forebay Lake. Save the Canal will make the case that the required water treatment process and the cost will remain basically unchanged and there will be no improvement to the quality of the delivered drinking water to justify the project cost, which is paid for by rate payers.

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