Final EIR is Out, Please Read It

Final EIR is Out, Please Read It

photo by Ilka Sahara Cohen

The Final EIR is where you’ll find the answers and/or responses to the comments people submitted on the two comment submissions last year in July and September. Please read and be informed about how EID responded to people’s concerns. Thank you. Here’s the link:

EID Board of Directors’ meetings are held every two weeks from 9:00 to 2:00 at the EID building at 2890 Mosquito Rd., Placerville. The next one is 2/25/19. You can access the agenda on the Thursday before a meeting. Public comment is held on any topic just after the initial meeting start-up. To comment on a topic on the agenda, you are allowed to do that when the item is up. Comments are limited to 3-5 min., and the President of the Board, will notify the room on time allowed.

Please check back for updated information, such as FEIR, upcoming meetings, and fundraising opportunities. The GoFundMe link is on this site. We still need $$ to fight this project. Thank you to all our supporters, and to anyone who is new to this information, welcome and please join our Facebook site: Save the Canal.

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