EID’s Fiscal Irresponsibility

EID’s Fiscal Irresponsibility



El Dorado Irrigation District rates have more than doubled in the last seven years yet EID management wants board approval to continue gouging its ratepayers and increase 2017-18 rates fully 30 times the 0.3 percent increase in 2016-17 Social Security payments.

EID management’s proposed 2017-18 operating budget includes median $131,000 per employee compensation with benefits alone surging an eye-popping 13 percent. Contrast $131,000 compensation for the average EID employee with median per capita income in El Dorado County of only $35,000 in 2014, according to the U.S. Census. Is it fair that ratepayers need to continue to pay higher rates so that EID can provide overly lavish pensions and benefits to its employees?

The two largest cost factors that drive EID rate increases are employee costs and debt costs. Yet EID management has shown no restraint in doling out huge employee benefits and instead has continually burdened ratepayers with higher water and sewer rates. The private sector doesn’t have the luxury of just raising prices to maintain its businesses but since EID is a monopoly, EID management is continuing to demonstrate its view that fiscal restraint and good financial management do not apply.

It takes just three of five EID directors to overrule management and deny the requested 9 percent rate hikes for 2017-18. Come to the Dec. 12 meeting at 9 a.m. and remind the board just whom they were elected to represent.

El Dorado Hills

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